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+ A unisex clothing brand created to dress men and women alike. +


Patiently waiting for “Leaders of The New School” photo shoot to start with visual artist @shikeith #cult #creature #designer #philadelphia (at Joan Shepp)

Convertible girls with @closetmartians

One min we’re connecting next min we’re In an argument…… Total #BFF

I just want to pay my respects to you and your family. I hope you are okay and strong, sorry for being late, but my prayers and support is with you 😘

A question by therudecouture

Never too late to reach out! It’s a very hard passing for us but we’re pushing through and remember the good for what it was you know! The next next two days will be the hardest but with the love a support from friends will get us through these troubled times!

Hey man, the last thing I know you don't want to hear is "everythings going to be okay". I usually don't talk about this with anyone but I lost my brother, grandmother, and close cousin within the last six years. It still isn't easy. I have yet to face the truth of any of the deaths. Its hard losing something so precious. Be safe and take care. 💙

A question by jamessizzle

I’m in a place where any words said counts, I’m sorry to hear about your losses. Handling death is never easy and seems as if it’s impossible to even overcome however I’ve come to terms with it. Thank you for reaching out really means a lot

Your such an amazing designer, wishing you the best

A question by therudecouture

Always bringing the love and support truly keeps me moving forward thank you!

Reunited with my little guy! Uncle duties!

Finding the strength to move through these painful times has been quite the task, but I somehow found time to put the third look in development. #cult #creature #designer #philadelphia #newyork #minimal #o_kt

I’m really bothered by the death of my auntie.